No Name™

When you’re standing in front of the cooler at your local liquor store, there are a lot of choices. Twenty years ago all you could find was beer and wine coolers, but now we have a lot more choices. We have come up with some new choices that we believe you will enjoy.

Our No Name™ beverages are delicious and ready for you to drink.

Bloody Mary


Although several people have laid claim to the creation of the first Bloody Mary, the one thing that is known for sure is its preeminence as the world’s “morning after drink”. No Name’s Bloody Mary is a proprietary blend of Organic Herbal Surprises that will satisfy your palate. Chill, add a little ice, your favorite garnish (e.g. celery stick, olive, lime), load it up and enjoy.

No Name’s Bloody Mary is the perfect beverage to simply enjoy anytime, serve guests or to order at your bar or restaurant where concerns ranging from the expiration of the unused mix to the inconsistency of flavor will never be an issue.  The Bloody Mary with 9.9 Alcohol By Volume is the answer to what to drink. Mornings, afternoons, anytime never tasted so good or could be made any simpler.

Made with pure cane sugar, natural tomato and pepper ingredients and infused with neutral grain spirits there’s nothing else around that compares with the taste, quality and, of course, simplicity of No Name’s ready to drink Bloody Mary. Pop the top and discover for yourself that sometimes…a name just doesn’t matter.


Just like our Bloody Mary, our Margarita is ready to drink. Pop the top and you are ready to go. Of course, we won’t blame you if you want to pour it in salt-rimmed glass with a slice of lime and add some ice.

You don’t have to pull out the multiple bottles from the liquor cabinet and do all that pouring, measuring and shaking. You won’t have worry about it tasting different each time. Put it in your cooler for outdoor entertaining giving you more time to enjoy your guests and less time preparing. Our Margarita consistently meets that festive note.

(Pending TTB approval)

Long Necks

Our long necks are provided to you in four flavors — Lemon, Orange, Pomegranate Berry and Black Tea Lemon Honey. We brought these to a reality show for the biker rally at Sturgis, South Dakota, a couple years ago and we outsold everyone — Mike’s Hard Lemonade and more. Made with natural flavoring and spiked with neutral grain spirits, this won’t last long in your cooler or fridge.

(Pending TTB approval)