There is No Bull with Our Drinks


Our message is simple…”No Bull, No Name.” A name doesn’t define who or what you are. Sometimes a name doesn’t matter. A name doesn’t matter. All of our products are different enough in their own categories to far exceed your expectations of seeking out just a name.

If you’ve been around the beverage industry enough you’ve seen a lot of bull. We’would like you to consider our products as being true to what you seek in a beverage regardless of what you expect from that beverage. Just simply put — no bull.

We have several options to choose from. We have ready-to-drink alcohol beverages, like our Bloody Mary or Margarita in a can. We also have a pure caffeine and vitamin mixer you can add to any drink, from an adult beverage or even in a smoothie. Whatever you like, the possibilities are limitless.

Please take the time to consider our offers and should you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.